How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an Engineering Manager (+ Test)

In this article, you'll find out more about emotional intelligence and why it's important for an engineering manager, as well as learn how to improve it and test your EQ.
How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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In order to effectively manage tech teams and deliver great software, the manager needs to develop key engineering management skills.

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Among the most important skills of a great Engineering Manager is personal skills which include the ability to learn, systematic thinking, strategic vision, decision-making, and of course a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ).

In this article, you’ll find out more about emotional intelligence, as well as how to improve it and test your EQ.

What is EQ and why it’s important for an Engineering Manager?

IQ, or intellectual quotient, refers to a certain set of skills, e.g. mathematical abilities, extensive understanding of vocabulary and language, abstract reasoning, or spatial abilities - which is mostly determined at birth.

Emotional intelligence (or EQ), on the other hand, is an acquired skill and might change dramatically over the years. Having high EQ skills basically means understanding your own feelings and the feelings of other people, expressing emotions, being self-motivated, and encouraging others to be like that.

Good EQ skills turn out to be essential for effective leadership, since specialists high in EQ seem to do much better in managerial roles. They tend to be more successful in their careers, build stronger work and personal relationships, achieve their goals, and motivate others.

If you’re interested in developing your EQ skills, you can find great resources Vectorly gathered on the topic below.

Top 6 books to improve your EQ as a manager

Blogs & authors writing on EQ

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Test your EQ level

As we found out, emotional intelligence plays a huge role in personal and work life. Do you want to know your level of emotional intelligence? Tap HERE to access your EQ.

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