Vectorly’s 2021 in Review

A quick look through 2021: numbers, new features, top content, and NY resolution for 2022!
Vectorly’s 2021 in Review

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2021 was a great year for Vectorly, as our team continued to grow and help engineering teams around the world increase their productivity and develop professionally.

In this article, we will share the highlights from the past year and show you our achievements, main features you might have missed, as well as make a brief overview of the top content by Vectorly.


2021 in Numbers

Vectorly’s growing very fast and here are some statistics to show our team’s achievements during the past year 🏆

Top Releases of 2021

2021 has been meaty for the features released: brand new meeting section with ready-to-use templates, growth insights and recommendations, integrations, tests, and lots of other awesome stuff.

Our engineering, product, and design teams have been working very hard to make Vectorly a real terminator that will meet all the requirements of our users on their way to developing the skills of their employees. And we totally accomplished this goal!

And this is just the start! Vectorly team’s always happy to get your feedback regarding the product.

Every week we release new features, so stay tuned via #Vectorlyupdates on our Twitter or visit the Product Updates section on the site. See you there!

TOP New Features

Let’s take a closer look at Vectorly’s brand new features and see how they can help your team skyrocket productivity.

The Meetings Section

Now, you don’t have to spend time for preparation for your 1-on-1s with the team since Vectorly makes up an agenda for your meetings. Vectorly carefully analyzes the working activity and task progress, then offers a set of topics for future discussion. Also, you can make to-do lists, add tasks, or even start a review while holding a meeting.


Find out about your team members’ productivity decrease or psychological issues with the help of Vapps special services integrated within Vectorly. These insights will help you catch the problem at the early stage and find better solutions.


Integrate education into the workflow with Vectorly’s brand new feature. Vectorly gives individual recommendations on specific online courses, books, or mentors (from our own knowledge base) to develop certain skills. All you need to do is to choose a relevant source and add it to your teammate’s growth plan.


From now, you don't have to wait for a planned review to give or get feedback on important tasks or skills. The new Vectorly’s feature allows you to give urgent feedback on tasks, OKRs, development goals, or even organize a quick skills review when you need it.

Tests & Surveys

Increase engagement with a deeper understanding of your employees with various tests & surveys with Vectorly. Make up your own test and get the info you need to make better decisions.

Read, Listen & Grow Skills

One of the greatest achievements of 2021 for our team is that Vectorly has become a platform for education and skills development. With new articles, podcasts, ebooks, and lots of other learning materials, engineering managers can boost their leadership and find lots of info and helpful tips on how to hone the skills of their tech teams.

What’s new?

📖 Blog on Engineering Management

In August 2021, we have launched our blog with useful guides and practical advice for engineering managers to help them increase the productivity of their teams.

It has been only 6 months since the first article was published, but some of the pieces have become very popular tho!

TOP articles on Vectorly blog that are totally worth checking out:

#1 Software Engineer Performance Review Example

#2 High Salary Leads to Burnout. Unobvious Career Trap No One Is Talking About

#3 A Step-by-Step Guide to Software Engineering Performance Review

🎙 2nd Season of Grow This, Grow That Podcast

We’re also happy to announce that we have launched the new series of Vectorly’s podcast on engineering management. This time, we have gathered experts and engineering leaders from top companies to discuss leadership & productivity.

📌 STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Engineering Leadership episode with engineering leaders from GitLab (André Luís), Webflow (David Stanley), and Scentbird (Andrey Rebrov).

📚 Ebooks For Engineering Managers

To help leaders manage their tech teams and grow developers professionally, we have issued practical guides which contain step-by-step instructions and tools. Find them on our site.

🧠 Biggest Knowledge Base With Educational Content (FREE!)

Vectorly team has carefully gathered The Biggest Knowledge Base with online courses, books, mentorship platforms, and other useful educational staff for our users 💛

With the help of this knowledge base, developers, designers, product managers (and other tech roles) can easily find a relevant source to develop their skills and save lots of time for research.

☝🏻 BTW, Vectorly users get personal recommendations on learning activities based on their working activities - tap to find out more.

🔍 Original Research by Vectorly’s Team

Our team has also performed original research - Survey: How Engineering Teams Around The World Run 1-on-1 Meetings - with 275 engineering managers around the world interviewed on their experience regarding 1-on-1 meetings with their dev teams. Unexpected insights guaranteed!

New Year Resolution For 2022

To make 2022 even more productive for Vectorly, we declare to dream big and successfully accomplish our goals!

Finally, we want to thank all our users, readers, and those who just dropped by to read this piece! 2021 was great, but we keep working and growing.

Stay tuned to our weekly #Vectorlyupdates on Twitter, and visit the Product Updates section on the site.

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