Create a talent machine to grow your agency

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Cut costs – hire Juniors. Vectorly helps to grow them fast


Retain best talents with growth and management, not salary


Assemble a team for a clients' projects based on people skills

Provide clear career paths with skills your agency needs

Talents are crucial to grow your agency. Use skill matrices to show skills and requirements to help your people grow.

Run skills review to see team strength and skill gaps

Understand team skills and skill gaps to drive people growth or find best people for clients' projects.

Put employees in the driver’s seat of their career growth

Provide employees with clear career opportunities inside company before they find them outside.

Turn your managers into mentors


Isights who needs 1-on-1 meeting and why


Automatically prepared agenda based on working insights


Recommendations to solve issues not just discuss them

57% developers quit in a first year

without clear career opportunity or facing bad management.

Keep personal touch in growing team with insights

Vectorly connects with your working tools to provide insights on:

Get recommendations on how to solve people issues behind dev metrics


Topics to discuss on 1-on-1 meetings


Courses & Mentors to cover skill gaps


Goals to drive career

Align business and personal growth goals

Retain best people with a clear goals and recognition.  Set goals that will help your people grow and drive your business.

Prevent burnout with regular 1-on-1 meetings

72% agencies' employees facing burnout with poor work-life balance, “always-on” mentality and multi-tasking. Vectorly helps managers to notice burnout signs and prevent it.

Run review to see team strength and skill gaps

Identify skill gaps and skills your business needs for the future innovations. Plan up-skilling and hiring with confidence.

Accelerate people development

Set personalized growth plans based on employee and company goals. Vectorly prepare recommendations to save your time:






Goals & Tasks

Provide clear career opportunities and personal growth

It's hustle free with Vectorly:

Skill matrices & Career paths for 100+ Tech roles

Courses recommendations based on skill gaps

Mentors (2000+) recommendations

Automated 1-on-1 meetings for effective mentorships

Vectorly automatically prepare agenda for your meetings based on working insights:


Questions and topics to discuss


Working data that need your attention


Recommendations how to solve issues not just discuss them

67+ tech roles use Vectorly

without clear career opportunity or facing bad management.

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Run 1:1 meetings, set up development plans, review skills hustle free with ready-made templates.

Pay for features you use and scale as you go

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