Build high performing teams with skills to drive innovation

Free up your managers from ineffective people operations to accelerate organisational and business change.

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People operations suite for digital transformation

Career matrices for 50+ tech roles

Skills based learning recommendations

Templates for 1on1s, Growth plans, reviews, OKRs

Skill matrix templates to save your time and focus on team growth

Product Designer

ASP.NET Developer

Android Developer

Go Developer

UX Designer

Software Engineer

Engineering Manager

Vue Developer

React Developer

Node.js Developer

Quality Assurance

Rust Developer

Java Developer

iOS Developer

Product Designer [Yuri Vetrov]

Angular Developer

Product Manager

DevOps Engineer

Back-end (python) engineer

Front-end developer

Develop skills to drive innovation

Career matrices

50+ Tech roles with skills, levels and promotion requirements.

Growth plans

Learning recommendations for continuous learning.


Identify skill gaps of departments, employees and teams to make people decisions.

Help managers drive innovations in their teams

Identify top performers

Make sure they're getting what they need to grow in your company.

Hire talents

Fill the team skill gaps and hedge team’s strengths.

Grow skills in the process of work

Track employees growth with productivity tools integrations.

Build fast and focused organisation


Align everyone with top priorities to stay focused and understand  impact on company growth.

1-on-1 meetings

Build trust and transparency with agenda recommendations and actionable results.


Get insights on Growth, Burnout, Productivity built in collaboration between manager and employee.

Companies* losing

$8 million

on people management every year.

*Enterprise with 500 employes

Vectorly save

$2,5 million

on people management automation for those companies.

Team is your greatest asset. Help them grow and stay engaged with Vectorly.

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