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Developer Burnout

High Salary Leads to Burnout. Unobvious Career Trap No One Is Talking About

A developer with low salary and monotonous work is likely to end up burned out, it’s obvious. Yet what about overpaid workers with no relevant skills or experience? In fact, it’s much more dangerous: euphoria from big money turns into boredom from boring tasks and jealousy towards peers in other companies who are involved in cool projects and challenging goals. Yet one can hardly give up all that money for this adrenaline. Where’s the exit? - read in our blog post.

Alex Olkhovoy
October 12, 2021

Survey: How Engineering Teams Around The World Run 1-on-1 Meetings

In this survey report by the Vectorly team, you’ll find the latest info on how engineering teams around the world (Brasil, Asia, USA, UK, Canada) perform 1-on-1 meetings. 275 people shared what team management problems they face; how do they prepare for 1-on-1 meetings and how much does it take; what’s the specifics of holding 1-on-1 meetings in different countries. Read our full report for insightful details.

Valentine Steph
October 12, 2021
Software Developer Review

A Step-by-Step Guide to Software Engineering Performance Review [Skill Matrix Templates]

Hold easy & effective software developer reviews with a ready-to-use skill matrix. List of reviewers, skills to review, action plan - find in our guide.

Valentine Steph
September 30, 2021

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