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​​Red Flags That Indicate Your Team Needs Software Engineer Performance Review - Checklist

If you’ve noticed that your team’s performance is slipping, deadlines are being missed and the end result of your software development efforts is sub-par - a software developer review is overdue! Read the article to find out other signs you should implement this practice RN.

Valentine Steph
September 19, 2021

Growing Designers Skills With Vectorly. The Case of Raiffeisen Bank

This case describes Yuri Vetrov's experience in organizing the skill development of a design team (50 people) at Raiffeisen. Yuri is former design director at Mail.Ru Group and now he is design director at Raiffeisen.

Valentine Steph
September 17, 2021

Vectorly Case: How PINKMAN Reviews and Develops Skills Designers

At Pinkman we wanted to scale and transform our design team from 25 to 50 people. But due to high costs of ready-made employees and small amount of them on the market, we couldn't hire them. That's why we decided to hire junior people with different backgrounds, and grow their skills.

Valentine Steph
September 17, 2021

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